Missing some episodes from Queue
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Posted 7/24/12 , edited 7/25/12
I wondering if I can get some info about this but, Heres my story. I had a Samsung Galaxy S2 running with premium crunchyroll, and I've been watching Naruto and some other shows that usually show on my queue. But after switching to Galaxy S3, the shows don't appear anymore but when it does it loading deal it shows 6/6, but in the end it only shows 3 or 4 shows on there.I tried uninstalling the app and logging back in and out of the app, no luck so far:/ Am I missing something here? Maybe the show was taken off or something? I hope not since i was like 3/4 done with the show lol.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. One of the shows that was missing was Campione. And sorry I meant shows are missing from my Queue.
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