Impressions of Hakuoki Reimeiroku thus far...

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Posted 7/25/12 , edited 7/25/12

I'm curious to know what people who are watching this show think of it so far.

For me, I thought I wouldn't like it, because compared to the first two seasons of Hakuoki, it isn't nearly as action packed, but I find the different factions and various relationships within the organization interesting and foreshadowing their eventual confrontation. There hasn't been a lot of physical fighting if at all, (except for some obvious implicated fighting in episode 3), but I think taking the time to really delve into how things are structured and everyone's background add to the series overall.

I say this as someone who's watched the first two seasons and kept asking questions at the screen while watching, wondering why they would go about it that way or what drives anyone to do that. But that's because I'm the kind of person who always asks questions like that during anime or anything really.

My overall impression of the show is good. It's slow-paced, but I don't mind because I'm interesting in seeing how the Shinsengumi was formed and how all of them tick. I'm also anxious to see what will happen to Ryuunosuke once things start moving further along and if he'll only be good for fetching and buying things like Chizuru was (the main protagonist from seasons 1 and 2) or if he'll actually grow a pair and defend himself when needed.

What does everyone else think?
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