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19 / F / Jabberwock Island
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The Desert Sector is a sector of Lyoko. It is also the one with the most dangerous monster attacks; most of the creatures can get around easily here. The Desert is made out of a collection of dry, rocky plateaus. There is very little greenery, the only trees being scattered here and there. Here, X.A.N.A. can create sandstorms, break apart the plateaus, and even tilt them at 90° angles to immobilize the warriors. The Desert is made up of two levels: the lower and higher levels. The higher level's plateaus are very large, and most towers in the sector can be found here. Large creatures, such as Megatanks, Blocks, and Krabs inhabit this area. The lower level's plateaus are very small, and small sharp rocks are littered.
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25 / M / In my dark world
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Omega stands by the tower, and orders some of the xana in this sector to take control, once they do, they wait for Omega's command
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