Dissidia [012] Duodecim
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Posted 7/29/12 , edited 7/29/12
Anyone here still playing it? I know it's a bit old now to be talking about, but the game's near endless.
Discuss anything you want... your favorite characters, fighting styles, story, etc.

I just love Cecil, even if his character is a bit hard to handle in battle. WoL is better to use, since his Bravery attack always initiates Chase. Gotta love Chase xD
Kain is also good. I prefer close-combat characters rather than distant ones, with the exception of Yuna and maybe Laguna? (thus far; haven't tried out all the characters yet). Yuna's badass, and very easy to use.

I like how the game is a near endless grind-fest. I love to grind, for some reason. And the music... the sad piano is so beautiful ;_;

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