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Posted 7/30/12 , edited 7/30/12
Wanna be a mod~? If yes, then great *Grins* Please fill out the form below ~

Username :
Name :
Why do you wanna be a mod :
Will you be active :
Examples of your work : [In spoiler]
If you just wanna be a forum mod, then just miss out the GFX part =]
Posted 8/15/12 , edited 8/16/12

Username :corrupted_kindly
Name : Valerie
Why do you wanna be a mod : I'm just now getting into editing and I really want to help out. I'm so used to requesting graphics now I want to be taking them. C:
Will you be active : Very. c:
Examples of your work : I'm still learning. I also use GIMP. This is also self taught, so if I'm not accepted it's okay. c: The last one is huge looking but it fits like a normal avii.
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