Problems signing up with CC on ps3 and website
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Posted 7/31/12 , edited 8/1/12
Hey, thought somebody might wanna know, but I just had a problem trying to get my credit card info approved, and I figured it might be effecting other people. I got it to work in the end.

Here's essentially what happened:

1. Tried signing up on ps3, but it kept saying my credit card info could not be approved.
2. Tried signing up on the website instead, and had the same problem, so I ended up signing up with the same card through PayPal.
3. Went into my payment options after getting approved via PayPal, and saw about 10 different entries from when I tried signing up with my card. I also noticed that on each of these, the boxes for my street address, city, and state were blank. I rechecked the app and the initial sign up page on the site, and these boxes do not show up when first filling out your credit card info.
4. I filled out the above information, and suddenly my card was approved. I then canceled my recurring PayPal payments, deleted the redundant payment profiles, and bought a 1 year subscription directly with my card.

So somebody may want to look into that. And I think I missed out on the 14 or 30-day free trials because of all this, but whatever. At least I got it to work.

Also, you may want to make the credit card information boxes on ps3 drop down menus instead of fill in the blank boxes. I had to go to the site to figure out if it wanted me to put in US, USA, or United States of America. Stuff like that isn't very obvious. (Not that I got approved via the ps3 anyway... lol.)
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Posted 8/1/12 , edited 8/1/12
I had this problem as well. when you post your credit card put ur numbers like this: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX with spaces. and when it says expiration date put it like this: days: XX Year: XXXX put the whole year. Hope it helps, it helped some freinds of mine, Put United States on country, the other info should be ok. it helped a friend of mine hope it help more ppl.
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