PS3 bugs and a couple suggestions
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Posted 8/1/12 , edited 8/1/12
Obviously many bugs have been noted and I'm sure are being addressed. I was going to suggest also though that the L2 and R2 buttons should not be the ones to FF and RW with. If I just casually place my controller on the couch or something or bump it then I get skipped to another scene and have to go back. Or at least lower the sensitivity of which they need to be held down. It's more of a pain with this application because every time you FF or RW it takes time to load. Eventually I hope this application will have a frame skip option so I can just use either the D-pad or the analog stick to go back and forth. I'll note bugs I've noticed here just for the heck of it.

*When clicking to begin playback of video, application force closes and boots back to XMB*
*Frame pauses during playback of video (also sometimes causes missing subtitles during the pause. Sound carries on however)*
*lag in audio (some videos more severe than others ex."Slam Dunk")*
*Some videos do not even begin playback, but instead load for a brief second and then stop* (ex. Rocket Rotary)*

Credit Card has obvious bugs which I'm sure don't need to be mentioned but I will anyway. Canadians have letters in there postal code however if your using a controller you can only type in numbers. Even when I used my Playstation keyboard it wouldn't approve my credit card though. Had to sign up through my PC to make it work which I believe I not only get a 14 day trial where as if I signed up through the ps3 I'd have gotten a 30 day trial.

Apart from that I'm really enjoying the content I'm at least able to watch during this time. Hope some info I provided is able to help out in some way.
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Posted 8/1/12 , edited 8/1/12
I understand the trigger button frustration, but the CR app is not that bad since it only skips a few seconds and you can quickly skip back.

I'm just glad it is not like the built in PS3 video player where hitting the L2 button takes you all the way back to the beginning of the movie. There have been lots of times when I set my controller down and the movie restarted.

I'm in the middle of watching Rome on HBO so I don't want to exit to launch the CR app, but I could have sworn I was using the left joystick to seek through the video as well. I never tried the D pad though.

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