BoyxBoy Dramas/Movies
Posted 8/3/12 , edited 8/3/12
I've been searching for some new boyxboy/yaoi dramas/movies.
I like any genre (comedy, tragedy, fluffy, sensitive issues etc) as long as it is not horror.
I will watch any Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese dramas/movies.

I've already watched:
Ai no Kotodama
Antique Bakery
Boys Love 1 & 2
Just Friends?
Bungee Jumping of Their Own
Gloomy Salad Days (the boyxboy episodes 13 & 14)
It Seems to Rain
Junjou - Pure Heart
Princess Princess D
Taiikukan Baby
Water Colors

All recommendations are welcome providing they are decent!
Thank you
Posted 8/3/12 , edited 8/3/12

A manga I can recommend that is yaoi, and very well written and drawn is Maiden Rose ( Hyakujitsu no Bara) by Inariya Fusanosuke. It was also made into an OVA but trust me - the manga is much better. It's got a complicated plot, intense characters and some of the most gorgeous art I've ever seen. Check out her other works as well; she can really write an intense story.

Aitsu no Daihonmei is an ongoing manga and it's incredibly funny! It's not yaoi though, but shonen-ai but it's still really good.

I don't know any movies except this one and I haven't watched it...A Touch of Fever - Hatachi No Binetsu. It's boy x boy so check it out.
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