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Posted 6/15/07 , edited 6/15/07
~1 CrAzY Story~

There was a merman named
Bibby who was really a
nice and sweet merman who
loved to eat sushi and
had a snail that used
electricity to make a robot
that tried to rule the
world but it could only
start a garden in the
ping pong game to try
to win a $1,000,000,000 but
fell into a pool with
whith Bibby's girlfriend Chibi Chibi and
a walrus named Pinky who
used to be Bibby's ex-girlfriend that
cheated on him with this
lie about a girl who
had six fingers and toes
Then Bibby the Merman went
back to his castle with
Chibi Chibi and said "Lets play with
my dog that can do
cartwheels unside down in circls
on a unicycle going down
the Great Pyramaid in Eygut!"
Then Chibi Chibi said
"You're werid Bibby." and walked away.
Then Bibby the Merman started to cry.

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Posted 6/15/07 , edited 6/15/07
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