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106 / F / Floating above you
Posted 8/4/12 , edited 8/4/12

Hello there! I'm Yuuki-Asuna the creator, roleplaying as Yuuki Asuna from Sword Art Online. I'm the Orange-haired girl with Kirito in the 2nd Episode of Sword Art Online.

In this scene, I'm still unknown, until Kirito finds me somewhere at what floor.


I was at Beginner's Town, traveling solo with no one around. I fought a lot of monsters until I become invincible. My name is Asuna, and I'm going to scavenge, slay and survive this game. I must win. I must live. There's a lot of victims of this game, and I won't be one of them. 'Cause I'm an awesome player.

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Posted 10/26/12 , edited 10/26/12
Omatsu is wandering around Beginner's Town, and he spots an orange-haired girl. The girl seems very determinated and Omatsu is looking for another hardcore player for making a group. He thinks about approaching the girl, but he steps back and keeps quiet.
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