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Remember the information you give is your RP info.

Student Application
Class preference:
Style: Punk/Goth/Lolita/Skater/Princess/Neko/Scene
Please provide a picture of yourself or we can choose one for you

Please choose your class based off the times you will be available and online for discussion. Current Classes Include:

The reason for this decision is to keep class discussions lively and ensuring that someone of the same class will usually be on to talk to.

Student I.D. card photos will be defaulted based by the photo you provide in your application. If you wish to use a different photo for your I.D. please send a message to the Mistress or Vice Mistress with the photo. I.D. card, colors will be based off of the class colors chosen by the students. Remember class colors are first come first serve.

We also understand that even with our Morning, Afternoon, and Night classes there will be time zone differences. Please do not let this affect your choice.

Staff Application
Style: Punk/Goth/Lolita/Skater/Princess/Neko/Scene
Please provide a picture of yourself or we can choose one for you


Must be able to provide the qualities required for selected job, must be mature and responsible.

Librarian: Must be a fan of reading and able to answer/discuss topics about books
Teachers x3 :Organized, dedicated, helpful and able to provide weekly fun activities, and be online DURING the classes you choose. For example to be the Instructor of the Night class we ask that you be available at night.
Counselor: Willing to listen to others problems and able to help them in a safe professional manner, all the while providing assistance to other staff members. Comfortable with private messaging others as we don't want student problems to be public!
Garden Keeper: Someone who enjoys a variety of arts and can be a caretaker of all types of plants
Dorm advisers: Must be honest and able to handle problems in a mature fashion. Must be able to answer student questions or direct them to the correct staff member for help.

If you have any questions about staff responsibilities or any other open employment please send a private message to the Head Mistress.

Please note that if we find that you are not fit for the job, we do have the right to terminate your employment. With that being said, you can still become a student and we will find another applicant to take your place. We will keep all applications up, even if the spot is filled, for this reason.

Please PM the Headmistress or Vice Mistress your applications.

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Delali Darkresent

Name :: Delali Darkresent
Age :: 16
Class preference :: Night class, Matthew
Style :: Gothic
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Name: Reiya Matsuri

Age: 25

Position: Teacher

Style: Like a Prince

Class: Night time
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