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Posted 8/9/12 , edited 8/9/12
Row gulped reaching for the the fang. "Hold up, Yes, I will keep to my word. For I have nothing against or any other Monster here" A shy smile escaped her face; "But before I free you" She slid the sycthe from under her hand & held a firm grip as she removed the fang.
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Posted 8/9/12 , edited 8/10/12
Azmaria watched as the girl took the fangs from her hand, grimacing a little as they dismounted from her skin. "Thanks..." She grumbled. She eyed her free scythe and quickly launched to her feet, taking it. She turned around, "But I'll be taking my leave." She smirked, saluting the girl."...I'll let you know if I find a 'Clark'." She added. As she flew away, she thought of how weak she was becoming... not finishing the job of killing a human girl? How utterly weak!
Posted 8/9/12 , edited 8/10/12
After the female took off Row fell back on her butt & layed back watching the tops of the trees; I wonder why she didnt kill me. The thought pained her, because what if no other monster was that merciful to Clark? What if he was dead?! What if he was injured & miserable? All of those ideas came flowing through her "My thoughts have to focus on Dracula" . . . on Dracula
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