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Posted 8/6/12 , edited 8/6/12
Humans can visit.
Posted 8/15/12 , edited 8/15/12
Gus skirts the edge of the village looking for something that he has lost... .. ..
Posted 8/15/12 , edited 8/16/12
A young looking girl was passing by, looking quite curious at the skinned creature just wandering around. A smile grew on her face ... She was starving for meat! Scratching at her stitches, she decided to wait for another monster to do her dirty work
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12

Gus spots a young girl, while he is searching. Distracted, he covertly stalks her from a tree branch.

"Well what is this young girl doing out at this time of day, I am sensing something fun here."

Smirking to himself, he relaxes his body for action.
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
Nanami grabbed her growling stomach & jumped into the shadows. There is no way in Hell she could face someone in her conditions. But the excitement was killing her; Barely controlling herself from jumping straight at him
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12

He watched as she disappeared into the shadows...

"Oh looks like she's gone?"

Walking to the spot he saw her last, he combs the area for her... ... .. Not finding anything, he decides to head to a cafe close by for a breather.
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
Letting out a breathe she whispered to herself "Dear Lord was a close one. . ." She stepped back out decided to follow once more & tip-toed her ways behind him
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
He sits down at an outside cafe and orders freshly squeezed heart juice, from an anguished maiden.

"slurp, slurp, slurp... now that hits the spot... "

Crossing his legs, he pulls out a small pocket watch and checks the time... ..
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
As soon as she noticed where he lead her . . . She realized how idiotic this was "So the entire time I couldve just walked down here & ORDERED SOMETHING?!" she slammed her fists in her lap But if im going to think of a plan, im going to finish it Nanami grabbed one of the Cafe chairs and threw it at him
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
Gus gets smacked in the head with a chair and flies through the air, crashing into another table. Slowly getting up, he turns and faces the girl who threw the chair at him..

"Excuse me, but what was that all about? o.O"

Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
"Nice to meet you" reaching her arms out to pick the chair back up, She examined his body "You are going to make me a very happy monster today~"
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
"Oh why is that?"

He blinks a few times to take in the stature of the girl...
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
The smile just grew wider "Ive been hungry for days. . .You look good enough to eat" she began to laugh
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
o.O .. ... .. Gus makes a dash for it and begins running down the streets... ..

"Why would you want to eat a Fae?"
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
Nanami snarled & chased after him "God dammit I'd eat anything right now!! GET YOUR MAGICAL BUTT BACK HERE" for second the running ceased; The stitches were undone & the tuffs of fur were showing. So instead of wasting time she shed off her skin & pounced
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