Purging of Adult stories in Fanfiction. Net, a chain that stops authors from 'Unleashing their Imagination?' what's you
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Posted 8/7/12 , edited 8/7/12
I don't believe that purging of stories in FFN should be made a big deal.
After all the only ones that are deleted are the stories with adult content.
Adult content (all het, yuri, yaoi with more than suggestive themes in the story were deleted or that's what they said and reported)
Granted, that I read some of those and I do agree that some works with this content is noteworthy but still when they first entered FFN, authors such as I already know of the rules.

It is stated plain and clear-- MA (stories that explicitly writes about adult interaction) isn't allowed.
I wholeheartedly agree to the person who had commented that some of the authors made abig fuss because they are caught doing something they shouldn't.
Besides, they can post it to other sites and anyway, I'm an active reader in FFN and I haven't seen
any of the stories thoroughly purged, it keeps coming and coming...Believe me, I know.
They can't possibly delete all that. Anyway, if they really hate it so much why not just stop patronising and using FFN altogether. There are a lot of other sites that allows MA content and definitely lets would be authors to "Unleash their imagination" to the fullest extent of the word.
what about you, what do you say?

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Posted 8/7/12 , edited 8/7/12
I don't really read fanfiction that often so I'm not all that knowledgeable but if they don't allow Adult material then they don't allow it.

As for whether or not that is a good thing seems to be a separate topic all together.
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Posted 8/7/12 , edited 8/7/12
I hate the thought of some 10 year old reading fanfic on One Direction or something and coming across some story with sexual content and whatnot >.> I mean there are barely any filters and warnings on the site. What are we doing to our kids

Meh but I don't think you'll come across that many as long as you keep your filters set to a specific rating like K, T, K+ and not just on general and you should be fine.

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