Bloody Reapers
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Info: My first Bleach story. This is a KenpachixOC fic. This is co-authored along side Lady1Venus' Bleach story, Reflections of Time, which is a ByakuyaxOC fic. So I will have scenes with her OC Skye in here. Ok, Squad 11 has always been a blood battle, squad. The members get a joy out of battling and seeing there foes suffer, and beg for mercy. Kenpachi meets a girl, who shares his love of battle. But she is Yachiru's older sister. Can Sakura teach the captian of squad 11 that there is more to life then just fighting to the death? Read on, as Sakura teaches Kenpachi love and friendship.

Credit to: Lady1Venus for lending me Skye, and giving me the name idea for Yachiru's real name.

Chapter 1

"You won't kill me, you stinking hollow!" A pink haired girl of 12 years screamed out, as she dodged the hollow's attack. This was Sakura Hakusho. Her and her younger sister, Saki had just died and been sent to the soul society, the other day by a soul reaper. He was a tall man, said his name was Byakuya Kuchiki.

Both her and her sister had died from a terrible sickness while on earth. First Sakura was the one sick. Then she had passed it over to Saki. She had felt pretty bad about that as well. She would have turned into a hollow herself, because of it. If Byakuya hadn't shown up when he did, performing a konso on the two, she would have. She had been very close to being a hollow at the time.

Anyway, her mind snapped back to the present time. Her and her sister had been minding there own business, when they were jumped by a hollow. Sakura had Saki in her arms, trying to protect her, from the hollow. She had scratches, bruises and cuts all along her body, while protecting her younger sister.

The hollow, closed in on the two girls. Sakura screamed in pain as she tripped twisting her ankle. All the villagers just panicked and ran from the hollow not even bothering to help the two girls.

"Sakura! Forget about me. Save yourself!" Saki cried.

"No! I'm not leaving you. You're my sister," Sakura whimpered, painfully to the small pink haired bundle in her arms. She started running at a limp, limping into a back alleyway, hoping that the hollow wouldn't be able to follow them though the small dented in area. After all, it was a huge hollow and the width of the ally was pretty small.

Sakura panicked, when she heard the hollow breaking into the ally. She kept limping on her sore ankle, until she came out on the other side and found a huge forest of trees in front of her. From the roar of the hollow it sounded like it would catch up to the girls any minute now.

Saki shifted in her arms and got onto her back, as Sakura made her way into the forest, hoping to find a place to hide from the hollow. Sakura kept limping until she was very far away from town. "There I think we lost it," Sakura sighed.

She sit Saki down onto the ground then sit back on the grass and cried out in pain, "Sakura! Are you ok?" Saki asked her sister, tears in her eyes, "You got yourself hurt, protecting me."

Just then Sakura felt something slimy touch her shoulder and felt breathing on her neck, behind her. She felt her shoulder, "Ewwww! Gross!" She screamed out. Then she looked behind her and screamed just as the hollow smacked her across the face, sending her flying into a huge bolder hitting her head, knocking Sakura out cold.

"Sakura!" Saki screamed. She jumped up to try and fight, but the Hollow slammed her against the tree, knocking her out. She hadn't stood a chance. The hollow advanced on the two getting ready to kill them, when a tall figure, with long black hair and long bangs hanging in his face, got in its way.

The man, was an outcast with no name, and didn't have a clue who he was. However, he wielded a Zanpakuto, like a soul reaper. But the man wasn't a soul reaper at all. And unlike most Zanpakutos, this one didn't even have a name to it.

"A strong hollow. Let's see if you can give me a good fight," said the man. He sliced into the hollow with his Zanpakuto, cutting it in two killing it on the spot, "No, I guess not. What a waste of my time."

The man put away his sword and turned to the two girls. All of a sudden he found himself helping them. He didn't know why he did it. Something just compelled him to do something nice, for a change. Maybe it's cause his life had suddenly gotten boring as of late. Even though he's a cold-blooded killer, could he be feeling lonely?

Just then one of the two girls woke up. It was the smaller one. She stared at the man's sword, which was by his side. It was covered in blood, from where he'd fought the hollow. She grinned as she crawled over to the sword, and touched it, giggling, getting the blood on her fingers, "Kid, that's not a toy. I use that to kill people," said the man.

The child just giggled at him, as she continued rubbing her hands along the sword, actually playing with the blood that came off onto her fingers. The man looked at her funny like, "What's your name little one?" He asked her.

"Huh?" The child looked at him confused.

"You don't have one, huh? Neither do I," the man sighed, "And that woman over there. You know her? She looks a lot like you. Are you sisters?"

"I...I don't know. I can't remember," said the girl.

"So, you're clueless on your past as well. Well, I guess I should give you a name then," the man picked up a stick and drew a symbol on the ground, "It's pronounced, Yachiru. This is how it's written. It's the name of the only person I ever admired. I give you this name now."

Yachiru tried out her new name, ""

"And I shell claim from this day forward, the fearsome name of Kenpachi Zaraki. The title given to the mightiness soul reaper," Kenpachi explained, like seeing Yachiru had finally inspired him to pick a name for himself.

"What about her, Kenny? She seems hurt pretty badly. And I don't even know what happened," Yachiru told him.

"Come on, let's go. I'll have to carry her, into town. She seems much more injured then you are," Kenpachi, grabbed his sword, cleaning it and attaching it back onto his side. He then picked up the injured older pink haired girl carrying her bridal style. Yachiru got on his shoulder and the two were off heading into town, "Hmm, which way back to town?"

"I think it's that way Kenny," said Yachiru pointing to the right. Kenpachi took a sharp turn and ran down the right path.

He came to a dead end, "This is a dead end!" He screamed in anger.

"Well, don't blame me! It's not my fault you can't find your way around," said Yachiru.

"I only came this way, cause you said so!" Kenpachi screamed, at the child.

"You're too loud," mumbled a voice in Kenpachi's arms. He looked down. The woman in his arms was awake!

He sat her down on the ground, and sat next to her, "Are you, ok? Don't move! That hollow did a number on you. If it weren't for me, you'd be dead right now," Kenpachi informed her.

"Did you save me mister?" The 12 year old asked.

"Of course. That hollow was pretty weak," Kenpachi smirked.

"Hollow? I was attacked by a hollow?" Sakura looked confused.

"Don't you remember? You must have hit your head pretty hard. Come, I'll take you into town and get you some help," Kenpachi got up reaching out his hand to help the older pink haired girl to her feet, "I'm Kenpachi Zaraki."

"Sakura," Sakura said taking his hand. She stared at the smaller girl who looked a lot like her. She felt familiar to her somehow, but she didn't know why.

Yachiru, pointed to herself, "Yachiru," she grinned, saying her name, that Kenpachi had given her.

"Now, which way to town," Kenpachi sighed. He picked Sakura back up as the girl was dizzy and still hurt, and Yachiru rode on his shoulder. It took two hours but the small group finally found there way back to town. Kenpachi took Sakura to the clinic. There she was treated for her wounds. Yachiru wasn't really hurt that badly, so she didn't need treatment.

A few days later, the three, yes the three of them, Sakura's wounds were all better expect for her head wound. She had a long bandage wrapped around her head, very tightly. And she had been having killer headaches a lot lately. Kenpachi was very nice letting the girls stay with him, while Sakura was recovering her wounds. Plus with both girls not knowing where they had come from, it was a good idea to have Kenpachi around anyway.

Right now the group was in a back ally deciding what they should do next. Sakura was sitting next to Kenpachi on the ground, and Yachiru, was drawing on the pavement with a piece of chalk, "Hmm, where should we go next, Kenpachi-kun?" Sakura asked him.

"Hmm, I don't know. Just wherever I guess," he told the older pink head.

"You mean you don't know where you're going?" Sakura asked, confused.

"Well, I'm an outcast. People look down on me, wherever I go. So I just travel from town to town, never staying in one place for too long, you know," Kenpachi explained. It was true! That was why the group was sitting in the back ally making plans, instead of out in the open with other people. People had been giving the group funny looks. Funny strange looks and glares that Kenpachi didn't like at all.

"I bet you have a great plan though, huh Pinky?" Yachiru grinned.

Sakura looked at Yachiru funny like, "Pinky?"

"Ya, it really suits you," Yachiru grinned from her place on the ground.

"My name is, Sakura, not Pinky," Sakura told the child, rolling her eyes at her.

"I know but Pinky sounds better you know. From now on, you're Pinky," Yachiru, giggled.

"You know, your hair's just as pink as mine, you know," Sakura told her.

"No, it isn't. Mine's more red," Yachiru told her. The two girls started arguing about hair color. Kenpachi just smirked, fiddling around his sword in his hand as he had it resting on his shoulder, tapping his shoulder with it.

Just then Sakura heard a commotion, in town. People were screaming in terror about something, "What is that!" Sakura panicked. She quickly jumped behind Kenpachi for protection.

"Don't be a coward, Sakura," Kenpachi told her, "We all must face death some day."

"Maybe," Sakura sighed, "But not today." She noticed that Yachiru, just continued sitting there, coloring on the ground, not paying any notice to the commotion at all. Was she nuts!

Just then a man with a sword came around the corner. He had short dark hair, purple eyes and wore battle armor, and seemed to be in a battle rage, like he was wanting to pick a fight with a strong opponent. He was in such a rage that he failed to notice Kenpachi and Sakura sitting in the back of the ally and ran straight at Yachiru raising his sword, "Die child!"

In a flash, Kenpachi was in front of the other man, stopping his sword with his bare hand, "I don't think so," he said.

"Wow! That was flash step! This is the first I've ever seen something like that," Sakura said amazed.

The guy noticed Sakura, and pulled his sword out of Kenpachi's grasp, "I'll kill you then!" He ran at Sakura. She froze in place, as stiff as a board she was so frighten.

Suddenly, Kenpachi stopped his attack again, "Your fight's with me, not her!" He smirked, "Know my name well. For I am the one who will end your pitiful life. I'm Kenpachi Zaraki."

The guy glared as he kept trying to press the blade of the sword into Kenpachi's hand trying to cut it, "Maki Ichinose!" He said, glaring.

"So, what brings you out this far?" Kenpachi asked him.

"If you want to know the truth, my whole family was slathered, and I need a strong opponent to release my anger out onto," Maki explained.

"Is, that so," Kenpachi smirked. It wasn't really a question. More like a statement. Kenpachi kicked Maki in the gut sending him flying backwards. Sakura had went and got Yachiru out of harm's way. Kenpachi then threw Maki's Zanpakuto to his feet. He opened up his shirt, "Look I'll give you a free turn. If you can manage to cut me, then I'll consider fighting you. You can aim anywhere. My chest, my eyes, my neck. You might even kill me this turn." Kenpachi smirked as he explained all this.

"AHHHHH!" Maki screamed as he picked up his sword and ran straight at Kenpachi.

Sakura not knowing how strong Kenpachi actually is, jumped in front of him getting in the way, "NO! Don't hurt him, please! He saved my life!" There was no time as Maki's sword cut into Sakura's chest.

Sakura screamed bloody murder as she fell to the ground clutching her bleeding chest painfully, and coughing up blood. On impulse, Kenpachi, reached out and grabbed Sakura, before she could hit the ground, "Foolish girl! What were you thinking! He wouldn't of been able to cut me!" Seemed Kenpachi was angry, she had done that. Maki was shocked as well. He pulled his sword back, as he jumped back, this look of shock on his face.

"Why did she do that!" Maki looked shocked. He dropped his sword, in shock.

"Because..." Sakura stated, coughing up blood, as Kenpachi held her on her back in his arms, leaning down on his knees. One hand was behind her legs. The other was touching her upper back. If the hand on her back was somewhat higher, it would of been considered bridal style, "Kenpachi, saved me and Yachiru, from a hollow," Sakura choked out.

"So, you're just repaying a life debt?" Maki asked, her.

Sakura shook her head, "No, he's my dear friend."

"Are you really that close? When did you meet?" He asked her, confused.

"Yesterday," Sakura said.

"Yesterday! Why would you risk your life for someone you barely know!" Maki was shocked. Who was this girl!

"It doesn't matter how long, I've known him. My heart tells me to help him. He's my good friend. Don't you have anyone you've risk your life for?" Sakura asked back.

Maki remembered his family, "Well I did." He had a few tears fall out of his eyes, remembering how his family had died protecting him.

"Any friends?" Sakura asked.

"No," Maki sobbed, going down to his knees with his head hanging down low, crying.

"Well, my friends are very precious to me. And you can be my friend as well," Sakura choked out, painfully. She started hacking, up blood.

"Shhh, don't talk. Your only making it worse," Kenpachi told her.

Maki felt pretty badly about what he'd done. He ran over to the two, after re putting away his sword, "Let me help her. I know somewhat about first aid. She got rid of my rage and I want to help," Maki said, concern on his face as Sakura blacked out in pain, in Kenpachi's arms.

When Sakura woke up, she found herself lay in a bed, in some unknown room, that she didn't recognize. She looked up into the worried eyes of Yachiru, "Ya..chiru?" Sakura sighed.

Yachiru started jumping up and down happily, "Yey! Yey! Pinky's awake," she cheered.

"Didn't I tell you, my name's Sakura, not Pinky?" Sakura, said weakly.

The girl ignored her comment, as she went into the other room. Sakura heard her telling, Kenpachi, "Kenny, she's awake."

Sakura noticed she was bandaged, up very nicely, "Where am I?" She mumbled to no one in particular.

"Were in the town's inn," Kenpachi told her, appearing in the room very suddenly.

"Who took care of my wounds?" Sakura asked him.

"Maki," Kenpachi answered, "I was quite surprised really. He seems to have a lot of medical knowledge."

"Why were you surprised about it, Kenpachi-kun?" Sakura asked him.

"He doesn't seem like that type of guy," Kenpachi answered, with a smirk.

"How do you know that?" Sakura asked Kenpachi.

"He seemed like the type of guy, always looking for bloody battles to the death," Kenpachi explained. He smirked somewhat at the thought, as he licked his lips.

"Like you?" Sakura grinned.

"Ya, like me," Kenpachi smirked, "I think I like this guy."

Just then Maki himself, came into the room, saw Sakura and asked her, "How are you feeling?"

"Very sore," Sakura moaned.

"I would imagine so," Maki sighed, "I was very impressed by what you did. And I'd like to travel with you and your friends if I may. I'd like to learn about this friendship you speak of."

"Hey! You can't just invite yourself along you know," Sakura explained.

"No, it's fine. He may actually learn a few things or two. And while I'm at it, I'll need to train you as well. Your pretty weak," Kenpachi smirked.

"Hey!" Sakura yelled. But she figured maybe Kenpachi was right. So she just nodded her head and settled down back into bed to get some more rest.

"We'll just be in the other, room if you need anything," Maki told her.

"Thank you," Sakura told him, with a sigh.

Maki and Kenpachi, turned and left the room then, "Kenny! Wait for me!" Yachiru called out, running to catch up. Sakura then settled down as the darkness took her back to dreamland. A few days later the group left and continued there journey.
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