The mysterious boy
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Claire was a simple girl. She did simple things, and lived a simple life. She was the definition of ordinary. She sat there on the park bench in a daze. "Excuse me Miss?" Startled, Claire jumped up, caught her skirt on the park bench, and fell flat on her face. "Dammit", Claire said her words muffled by the grass.

"Umm miss, can I- can I-", the boy tried to speak as he turned around to hide his laughter". Claire lifted her head, flustered, to see the boy chuckling as he extended his hand. "Here let me help you up", he said. As Claire got a closer look she noticed that this boy was very good looking. The platinum blonde hair, and the blue eyes, her ideal man. His tall lean figure was exactly what she was looking for. After laughing a little too much the boy let out a deep sigh. "Are you alright"?, he said.

"Yes I'm fine", Claire said as she brushed herself off. "Oh well I'm glad to hear it". "I wanted to ask you if you had seen a small brown dog come this way, but then I must have frightened you. "I'm very sorry about that", the boy said. "No it's alright, this is typical of me anyway". The boy gave a concerned glance. "I'm sorry but, I haven't seen any small brown dogs today I'm afraid, Claire said as she let out a yawn. "Oh I see well thank you anyways", the boy said. "Oh I forgot to ask, whats your name?", Claire said as she turned around to face the boy. "Oh where did he go"? The boy was gone.

It wasn't for another two weeks until Claire spotted the boy once more. Claire was on her way to the grocery store. The neighborhood dogs barked behind their fence, and Claire liked to tease them."Haha can't get me when you're all locked up" Claire said as she tapped the fence with a stick. The dogs snarled, Claire laughed. Suddenly she heard a rattle, and then a low growl. She looked up to find a large pit bull only five feet away, glaring at her. Claire was frozen stiff. Knowing that the dog would give chase if she were to run, she stood there glaring back. What do I do? she pondered.

Suddenly, the dog backed up. It kept backing up, until finally it turned tail and ran. Claire scratched her head in disbelief. "What in the world"?, she said. "So we meet again". Claire recognized this voice, but from where? She turned around, and the boy she met in the park stood there. "You know teasing dogs may be fun, but it's rather dangerous". "Animals are unpredictable", the boy said as he stared at the ground. "You know you're absolutely right haha", Claire said. There was a long silence. Claire said, "well I don't know how you scared off the dog but I'm grateful". "Oh I didn't get to ask you last time, what's your name?"

The boy tilted his head, smiled, and said,"my name is Vincent, Vincent Brown." Claire was overwhelmed by his charm and started to blush. "Well my names Claire", she said. Claire and Vincent walked through the city for hours as they talked about different subjects. Claire noticed that the people of the city were staring at the two of them. She looked up at Vincent and realized that he stood out from the rest of the crowd. "You sure do draw a lot of attention", Claire said. Vincent patted her on the head and said, "no I think it's you". Vincent smiled, Claire blushed.

"Well it's getting late so I should walk you home", Vincent said. Claire was disappointed. She did not want to part from Vincent. As they stood at the front gate of Claire's house Claire said, "meet me tonight". "I have something I want to talk to you about". Vincent nodded, and they parted ways. Claire walked into her dimly lit house and said, "I'm home." Claire's mother turned on the light. "Where have you been?" "It's so late, I didn't even know if you were going to come home"."Sorry mom, Claire said". "I met this really nice guy named Vincent and we get along great". Her mother looked worried. "Don't worry mom, he's a nice guy", Claire said as she slipped off her shoes.

Claire laid in her bed daydreaming about how she was going to confess to Vincent. Ever since she met him in the park, she knew that she had fallen in love. It was what you'd call 'love at first sight'. Around 11:30 p.m she snuck out of her window and peeked over the wall. Vincent was nowhere to be found. The wall was only about 5ft tall on Claire's side of the wall because the ground was that much higher. That isn't the case from the other side. It's about 10ft on the other side, which is 2x the length facing the house. This was made for security purposes. Claire knew that Vincent would not be able to get over a 10ft wall easily so she decided to sit and wait, and then let Vincent inside.

She sighed, fearing the worst. What if he doesn't come?, she wondered. She felt a tap on her shoulder, and there stood Vincent, all in black. "How in the world did you get over the wall", she said. He grinned and said, "that's a secret". "Now what is it that you wanted to talk about". She was so happy that she almost forgot about her confession. Remembering it made her blush. "Well you see, the thing is..." Vincent stared. "Well it's just that...I have a crush on you". There was a long silence. Vincent look saddened. "I'm sorry shouldn't fall in love with someone like me." He looked like he was ready to cry.

"I truly am sorry, but I should go", Vincent said. Claire looked at the ground. She couldn't believe the words she was hearing. "Ah", Claire looked up and reached out her hand to keep him from leaving, but he was already gone. Tears started to well up in her eyes and then she heard a noise. Her mother and father stood there. "Claire, who was it you were talking to"? She looked to her left. It turns out Vincent hadn't left but, he was nearly out the gate. "I Was just talking to Vincent," she said. She pointed at the gate.

Her mother and father looked at each other with concern. "What's his full name"?, her mother said. "It's Vincent Brown", mom.

"Vincent Brown died ten years ago Claire"

Vincent was never seen again.
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omg wow thuis story altually moved me wow ur a realy gud writer wi some gud ideas too wow lol its was awsome i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!
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