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Posted 8/11/12 , edited 8/16/12
1. No God Modding Meaning Auto hits, being stronger than you actually are unless for Story Purposes, Dodging every attack of some one equal or stronger than you.

2. No Harassing.

3. No cyber in Rp I know if you want to get busy with your Sekirei but keep that in PM we don't mind kisses hugs and cuddling but no french kissing or spooning! ^w^ Thank you!

4. You can not force someone to be your Sekirei without their Premission as same goes with killing some one a fellow Sekirei!

5. when battling a Sekirei please inform a mod of the battle of who won, who lost so we can add it to your points ^,^

6. Make sure to update your Win List Ashikabi! its your job to take count of your Sekirei ^,^

7. Most important rule! Have fun! ^,^
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