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Posted 8/11/12 , edited 8/14/12

These are the items that are usable in the game and unlike the pokemon video game these cannot be used in battle. ((Well not yet anyway.))

Healing Items:

Potion: This is used to heal your pokemon.

Super Potion: An upgraded version of the potion. Has greater healing properties.

Hyper potion: A further upgraded version of potion that has a high healing property

Max Potion: Fully heals a pokemon.

Antidote: Used to heal poison.

Paralyze Heal: Used to heal Paralysis.

Ice Heal: used to heal frozen.

Burn Heal: used to heal burn.

Awakening: used to awaken a sleeping pokemon.

Full Heal: used to heal all status ailments on a pokemon.

Full restore: Fully heals a pokemon and cure all status ailments.

Revive: revives a fainted pokemon and heals the pokemon halfway

Max revive: Revives and fully heals a pokemon.

Sacred Ash: Fully revives and heals all fainted pokemon of the team.

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