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Posted 8/11/12 , edited 8/11/12
I did this a long time ago and am going back on the road next summer, 2013.

This is generally a guy thing. Girls please think twice about this.

The key is be prepare
1] Have guns or knives available for use if needed and practice with them. Save yourself first.

2] Own your bike for at least a year before travel alone. Unles you are as crazy as I was back then.

3] buy a 2 person tent to save money, Motels cost big $$60 and up. The tent should cost less than $50

4] Buy some military MRE's to eat very lightweight and taste decent. Have water, you will get sick &/or die in 3 days
Have water purification tablets & filter straw for when you run out and want to drink ditch water.

5]I suggest a GPS or smart phone with gps. Really beats reading maps. Many areas are still not mapped out. Also a compass.

6]Have cashon hand in your wallet, but only about 20% of itHave a couple pre-paid Visa/Mastercards on hand and only
one in the wallet. hide the extra cash in a money belt, in the gas tank, or you can buy a fake soda can safe.

7] Get survival training & books.

Will update as I think of more....Kennk5
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