[2013 JMovie] Tsuya No Yoru
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Movie: Tsuya's Night (literal title)
Romaji: Tsuya no Yoru
Japanese: つやのよる
Director: Isao Yukisada
Writer: Areno Inoue (novel)
Release Date: January 26, 2013
Distributor: Toei
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


Matsuoi (Hiroshi Abe) and his wife Tsuya moved to Oshima City because of her unpredictable character. Even though Tsuya continues to have affairs, Matsuoi loves her and is a devoted husband. Tsuya is then diagnosed with a cancer and later goes into a coma. Matsuoi then thinks of his wife's lovers. Matsui goes to those men and informs them of Tatsuya's condition. The other women in the lives of those men are shocked and begin to re-examine their views of their men.


Hiroshi Abe - Matsuoi
Kyoko Koizumi - Tamaki Ishida
Shinobu Otake - Sachiko Yamada
Shiori Kutsuna - Machiko Yamada
Yoko Maki - Momoko Ikeda
Jun Fubuki - Sakiko Hashikawa
Maho Nonami - career woman

Abe Hiroshi To Star In 'Tsuya No Yoru'

It has been announced that a new movie starring Abe Hiroshi will air in spring next year. It will be called 'tsuya no yoru' and will deal with a man called Matsuo (Abe), whose unfaithful wife Tsuya is in comatose state due to cancer. Matsuo is now starting a journey to find all of the men his wife had contact with, and tell them about her condition. Upon doing so, he meets Yuu (Nagayama Kento), a young man his wife once stalked, as well as Yuu's son and his new lover Momoko (Maki Youko), who all seem to have some connection to his life.

Supporting cast includes Kishitani Gorou, Watanabe Ikkei, Haba Yuuichi, and Okuda Eiji.

'Tsura no yoru' will start airing in spring 2013.
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