【Mod Application】
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Moderator Application

• Username;
• Name;
• Type of Mod;
(i.e., regular mod, graphics mod etc.)
(Put an example in a spoiler.)
• A little bit about yourself;

{ We would appreciate it if you're friendly like us. ;D }

Add ons for different types of Mods

Just add these to the form above. If you want to be a regular mod, don't put these. If you want to be multiple types, that's okay too. c:

Graphic Mod

• Put an example of your work in a spoiler,
• Specify what type of photoshopping you do. {i.e., banners, avi's, etc.};
• A little bit about yourself;

Descripiton: Pretty self explanatory. You help make the graphics for the group.

Special Mod

• Willing to be active?; Yes/No

• BB-Code Experienced?; Yes/No

Description: You will help with editing the group's info. You will also be called upon just in case the group's creators are going away for a while. c: You must atleast be BB code experienced, so you can link character's names to the gangs in the members section using the posts permalink.

Please quote this forum post if you are applying so that I will get notified!

If you'd like to apply for a different mod you have in mind, please mention it in your application. To be honest, this is the first mod application I've ever done.
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Username: pedobearsrolling
Name: my cr name? if so, jean.
Type of Mod: Normal
BB Code Experienced?: Very. Created/Was a mod on many groups before, and i've memorized most of the codes (because i've used them so much).
Willing to be active?: I try to be on for at least an hour everyday.

Since school's starting soon, i may not be able to get on often. My excuse is that i have a life, lol. c; but i will do my best to get on everyday, and will do frequent check ups on this group whenever im on (if im accepted as a mod). that's about it.
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~ Approved! ~

I understand. School is starting soon for me as well, so I'd be a major hypocrite if I get upset with you for being unactive.
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aye ~ thanks for understanding. i'll do my best c;
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F / Milky Way
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• Username; xxxKuroNekoxxx

• Name; Call me Kay.

• Type of Mod; Regular mod. I can also assist being a Graphic mod.

• A little bit about yourself; Well. First off, I'm a 24/7 Hetalia roleplayer as Germany. It's the one thing that takes up most of my extra time. I'm also currently studying Culinary and Hospitality in school.

• Willing to be active?; Yes

• BB-Code Experienced?; Crunchyroll's BB codes is really similar to deviantArt's, so I have no problem.

Graphic moderator

• Specify what type of photoshopping you do; Mostly banners
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~ Approved! ~

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