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Okay, here's the first Fan Fiction of the group (i haven't really done any fan fic prior to this, so i'm not sure if it may turn any good :sweatingbullets:)

Hei/Li: Main protagonist of the series, current owner of the Bk201 star and fugitive of the CIA and the Americas World Empire.
Yin: Main Heroine of the series, a doll who starts evolving.
Kirihara: One of the leaders of the AAC (Anti-American Corps).
Mao: Companion of Kirihara, also a member of AAC.
Mina Hazuki: Current companion of hei.
Goro Kobayashi: Other leader of the AAC.
August 7: Member of MI6, helping the Americas World Power.
Brita: Former member of EPR.
Pai: Sister of Hei.
Amber: Leader of EPR.
Mr. Smith: A high ranked man in the CIA.
Madame Oreille: Informant of AAC.
Dr. Schroeder: Crazy Scientist.

Hell's Gate: Gate in Tokyo
Heaven's Gate: Gate in South America
Pandora: Organization of the UN
Contractor: Human with stellar powers
Doll: A version of human without human feelings
Remuneration: Payment of contractors for their powers

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Darker Than Black: Rise of the Divine

Epilogue: The Grim Reaper Returns

The skies were completely darkened as some American soldiers traveled from the United States to Tokyo, in order to retrieve a top secret object that they had created in the PANDORA's research facility next to the Hell's Gate. A giant truck came out of the tunnel, escorted by hundreds of soldiers all around, as if they feared some kind of ambush. For a second the light of the new world, created by Izanagi and Izanami, shone over the soldiers. Suddenly, all the vehicles except for the truck start to blow, one after another, leaving the soldiers in a state of confusion, before anything, a man in black robe and a white mask appeared above the truck, and as fast as he appeared, he disappeared. Leaving behind a series of corpses and a completely empty truck.

*Right now, I just want to get a feel on how the story will take shape, so I just made a short start like this so I can concentrate on how others will react to this as well as how will they interact with each other. I will assure you that the actual chapters will be longer, or at least I will try to make them longer.
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Chapter I: Full Moon

The entire city of Tokyo was in a large state of disarray as hundreds of American Troopers filled the entire streets of the city, searching for the contractor known as BK201, who had stole one of the most secret research of the Americans in the Hell's Gate.

At the other side of the city, in the profound darkness of the PANDORA's Research Facility, a man wearing a completely white suit started walking towards the building, and as far as one could see, hundreds of soldiers bowed down to him. His hair completely blonde and his green eyes showed a life of death and remorse. From inside the facility, Mr. Smith, the leader of the CIA, comes out and greets the stranger.

"Ah Mr. Jackson, it is truly a pleasure to have you visit us here," Said Mr. Smith as he walked him inside the building.

"Enough with the chat, show me what i came here for," Mr. Jackson piercing gaze made the people inside the facility stop death on, fearing that the gaze would fall upon them. "I hope that at least the "Full Moon" is safe, unlike the "New Moon" that you had lost a week ago to that renegade contractor".

"That was a truly blunder of our part, but i assure you, 201BK will never we able to penetrate here, and if he does, it would be the last thing he ever does," Replied Mr. Smith

"I hope it is that way, or you will have to pay for your mistakes," Mr. Jackson turn around and ordered everyone to leave, then he and Mr. Smith entered the stairway.

Both Mr. Smith and Mr. Jackson turned into a wall, then Mr. Smith pressed a brick on the right hand and the wall in front of them started to move, revealing a large room. Inside, a metallic sphere shaped computer revolved around a large tubes, inside a doll kept the computer working. As Mr. Jackson entered, the metallic sphere stopped and turned to him, before anything Mr. Smith moved forward.

"Drone 20091, prepare "Full Moon" now,"

The metallic sphere analysed the order and then started to revolve again around the tube. A door at the other side of the room opened, revealing a strange laser the length of a human arm. Mr. Smith walked closer, then he grinned at his masterpiece.

"With this, all the contractors will bow down to us in fear!" cried Mr.Smith as he picked the laser, ""Full Moon" is based on one of Dr. Schroeder inventions before he left PANDORA. This weapon of mass destruction is capable of making a stasis field that's 10 feet radius long, rendering all contractor powers useless as well as dangerously damaging the contractors brain, together with "New Moon", it is capable of covering the entire world, making every single contractor disappear from the face of the earth".

"I see, so this little laser will let us control the entire world," Said Mr. Jackson casually, 'I hope it does work as well as you are telling me".

"Do not worry, Mr. Jackson, we have prepared our little guinea pig for this," Mr. Smith snapped his fingers and Drone 20091 came in, dragging a woman in black suit inside, she was locked from head to toes by a strange green light, "Her name is Mina Hazuki, a former member of Section 3".

The drone left Mina in the middle of the room and then Mr. Smith activated the laser, exposing some white beam outside, which later turned into a red and black field around him, trapping Mina inside. The strong power of the field starts to drain Mina of her powers and then explodes inside of her brain, letting her scream until she became unconscious.

To Be Continued

This is Mr. Smith

And Mina

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