" Welcome to my cafe ^^ "
Posted 8/12/12 , edited 8/13/12
" Here, I will open up my heart to all who wish to embrace it...I will travel with you on a marvelous journey; were you to will learn of the magic life brings each and every one of us. Here, pain and happiness will be shed, expanding the mind and body past the normal limits of a human being..." If thee shall partake with thy on this quest for knowledge, love, and understanding, understanding yourself and all around you ...So that we many bask in its infinite glory; then my quest, my quest of setting you on the path less traveled, traveled only by the willing, strong, and kind hearted. For I am here for all of you, here to bring happiness and joy to the world...For this is my destiny. "................Here is a clip from one of my writtings/poems:

“My wish has come true!!” I whisper to myself. As we are walking hand and hand; down to the oceans shore … “It’s so beautiful! The waves crashing smoothly on the sandy moor…The wind weaseling in my ears; the salty aroma, felling my senses” I say to you as we find a rock to rest.

Please check out my cafe and blog ^^, and tell me what ya think:

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