Kioku Tantei Chapter One
Posted 8/13/12 , edited 8/13/12
Conan layed on the couch at the Mouri Detective Agency, bored half to death. Hattori and Kazuha were on vacation in Karuizawa for the weekend with their parents, and Kogoro was out on a forced date with Eri, courtesy of Ran. "At least Ran is enjoying herself," he sighed, peering over his shoulder. She was flipping through a photo album she'd dug up from when her parents had been dating, beaming as she looked over Kogoro and Eri's past. Right as he decided to go out for the day, there was a knock on the door. "A client?" Ran inquired, glancing up from the book. Knowing it would be better to allow the person in than wait for Mouri-san, Conan went to the front door and pulled it open to see four teens standing there. The three boys looked calm and collected, but the girl, who had long straight hair a few shades lighter than Haibara's and sky-blue eyes, seemed extremely anxious.

"Wow, you guys are really here?" said one of the male teens. Conan couldn't tell how tall he was since he was in a wheelchair, but he was thin, and his brown ponytail hung down behind the back of his chair. Upon a closer look he discovered that he had one brown eye, and one blue behind his round glasses. The other two stood tall, likely the leaders of the group. The slightly shorter boy was blonde, and had the same eyes as the girl. Once he had let them in Conan took a look at the last high schooler. He was the tallest by possibly a few centimeters, with raven hair and violet eyes that sat behind rectangular-framed spectacles, studying Conan as well. As they sat down, Ran went to the kitchen to get tea, leaving him to question the teens.

"Why are you here?" he inquired. The girl, who introduced herself as Amari Kira, replied, "That was sort of what we were going to ask. You are an anime character, and by all laws of nature, we shouldn't be here. This can't be a dream, so use your deductive skills and tell us how to leave." "Eh? What are you talking about?" At this the leader of the group stated, "You are high school detective Kudo Shinichi. The black organization's Gin gave you poison that made you small, and you are living with Ran and her father to get the Apotoxin antidote." Conan froze. "Who are you?" The boy smirked and began, "I am Ryoka Boy's Academy Class A's Hande Mura, and this is Osawa Minoru." He pointed at the boy in his wheelchair, who smiled kindly. Then the blonde teen announced, "I am Amari Seiji, and you have already met my sister, Kira." Conan sighed. "I meant to ask where you came from and how you know about me," he whispered as Ran reappeared, carrying a tray with cups of green tea and plates of cake. Minoru tore a sheet of paper from the sketch pad on his lap, where he had written an explanation during the introductions. "We are from the real world," he read silently, thinking, That makes absolutely no sense. He read on regardless, "For some reason the link we took to look at a detective conan world site brought us here. And now we need your help to get back to reality."

"Oi, oi," he mumbled, wondering why the hell these people all seemed to be having the same delusions.
While the others were busy talking to Ran, Kira-san tiptoed over to where Conan sat. "Okay, it's going to seem really weird in a minute because they are going to talk about Shinichi-kun, but he's not you. Our Shinichi is actually Natake Rin, but there was a whole attempt to get her in the Witness Protection Program that failed." At his clueless expression the girl simply said, "Anyway don't get confused, and don't say anything to the others cause they don't know." "O-kaay?"

The rest of the group directed their attention toward Conan, who they knew was capable of helping them, and Mura produced a photograph from his chest pocket. It was of a shortish high schooler with blue-dyed hair and intense dark green eyes. "This is our classmate Natake Shinichi," he stated, sliding the picture over to Conan. Ran looked at the photo over his shoulder as the boy continued. "We need you to find him."
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