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Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
Rules Agreed Between the Two Gangs

A)Every Individual, including the Leaders and Princesses must follow these Rules
B)Any one who breaks these Rules must willing give them self to the opposite Gang or will be hunted down

1)Death is Too Easy (Guns and Knives are not allowed to be used. Main Weapon of choice is the Paintball Gun)
2)There is a Time and a Place (Classes are not a suitable time for Gang-related Matters)
3)Adults Shall Hear, See, and Say No Evil (Adults are to be kept out of all Gang Matters.)
4)Open Space, Open Shot (All Members shall know that to be outside is to be in danger.)
5)If Organized, Do it Right (Specifics of organized fights are..)
    a)They shall be held on School grounds after 3 o'clock pm
    b)Panthers occupy the West side while the Wolves occupy the East
    c)All Members must wear their side's jacket
    d)Princesses are to be hidden in a classroom of their Bodyguards' choice
    e)The first side to find and shoot the opposing side's Princess wins

6)A Princess's Home is her Castle (Members of either Gang are allowed into the home of the Princesses without being first invited. When inside, you must abide by her rules and wishes, no matter what side you or her are from.)
7)Once You Choose, You Lose (Once a side chooses the other side's Princess, they cannot chose another or remove her.)
8)It Is Their Choice... If They Dare (Members may or may not protect their Princess; however, if she is left unprotected...)
9)Take Care, But Do Not Give Care (If you care for your Princess... you have lost)
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