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Posted 8/17/12 , edited 9/2/12
The gymnasium is located in a separate building from the school, connected only by the locker room, though during the warmer months, many students will just cut through the courtyard to get to the gym more quickly than it would be to navigate the hallways.

The gym is used for physical education classes. Because both males and females PE classes go on at the same time, the gym is split into halves to keep the genders separate. Some days co-ed activities are done, in which the entire gym is used by both genders. After school, the gym is used for sports practice, and in some cases, for games (e.g., basketball).

The stage is located in a cut-out in one wall of the gymnasium.

Like many schools in Japan, the gymnasium doubles as an auditorium. One wall it cut out to have a fully functioning stage. The auditorium serves several purposes that include graduation ceremonies, welcoming speeches to the first year students, plays and musicals, and etc. To transform the gym into an auditorium, students retrieve chairs from a storage location underneath the stage, and set up the chairs into rows. Measuring tapes are even used to determine to precise location for the rows.

To transform the gym into an auditorium, chairs are added.
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