Borderlands 2 pre-order 40 bucks!!!!!
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Posted 8/18/12 , edited 8/18/12
Important Note: This is for North America only.

Okay guys, this is AWESOME! Right now on Greenmangaming, BL2 pre-order is on sale for 50.00 down from 60, right? However, just today they uploaded a voucher for 20% off ANY TITLE! This works on pre-orders as well!

Take advantage of this deal! The voucher is good until the end of the month (Aug 31). Also, if you'd like to help a guy out (me) and make a couple bucks in GMG credit for yourself, please use my referral link:

What this does is credits me 2 dollars for everyone referred and credits you (the person I'm referring) 2 dollars after a purchase. Use that 2 dollars on a future BL2 DLC or something, that's what I intend to do!

Even if you decide to not use the referral link (maybe you have another friend you'd prefer to use it with), seriously guys, take advantage! 40 dollars for a 60 dollar game AND you still get all the pre-order BL2 bonuses, including the Mechromancer when she's available! Get it while it's cheap!

One last thing. You need a Steam account for this pre-order. Most people probably know what I'm talking about if you're at all familiar with PC gaming, but incase you do not, just go here.

It's 100% free to set one up and you'll be very glad you did. Steam rocks guys. Anyway, enjoy the awesome sale.
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