Posted 8/18/12 , edited 8/19/12

no god modding. [ its where you are undefeatable. &its really annoying ._. ]
no limit to characters. but try to be active with all of them.
respect one another&be nice.
if you dont like this group, then gtfo?
try to be active guys. like roleplay at least once a week. if your on hiatus or something pm me.
write in story format.
Actually spell things out and spell it correctly.
swearing is allowed, try not to overdo it though.
PG13+ in spolier.
try not to have quote pyramids. spolier things if they start to stack up on one another. ; _ ;
If your interested in becoming a mod, then pm the creator.
respect the rules or i will block you. you will get a warning first.
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