Determination to finish a project
Posted 8/20/12 , edited 8/20/12
So after reading through some posts here, I've realised that not very many people actually follow through on their promise to finish their own little story and so their thread often gets hijacked or derailed. I've also noticed that very few people actually read/comment on those threads but that's going to be a different discussion altogether.

The topic:
How do you make sure that you finish a project? Do you set a certain amount of time a day to polish it off or do you write it as and when you feel like it?

If we're talking about myself, I've realised that if I'm writing a story and it's still unfinished, I upload the chapters that have been done. You'd think this would give me determination to finish my project but doing this has made me lose my way. From now on, I'm going to write my little stories for myself. Once they're finished, I'll decide whether or not they're good enough and think about uploading them.
Of course, poetry is a little different as you can't upload unfinished poetry. If I start writing a poem but get stuck, I simply put it in a drawer and leave it for a few days. Once I get the writing bug, I'll dig through my drawer and see if I can finish any of my poems.

This is a discussion, guys. I've noticed that writers on here just love to talk about their own writing but don't seem to like talking to other people about their writing.
Also, feel free to provide any resources or writing exercises that you think are useful.
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Posted 8/24/12 , edited 8/24/12
It would be a bad habit for me to give up half way through a project if I want to become a professional novelist. Sure I've slipped away from stories before in the past, but after writing fan fiction and stories for over 7 years, one gets into the habit of finishing what they started. I think that once you finish that first project, it gets easier as you go along because you know it can be done ;)

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