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Posted 8/20/12 , edited 8/26/12
The world of Demons, Angels, Humans, and many more.. In a world with airships with dark and light sides to the worlds. Everything began to go down hill.. Now a war has started for control. The dark side is wanting to take control of the light side. But Alexandria won't allow it, they gathered all there solders and are getting more kingdoms on the light side to join in keeping the dark side at bay. Who will win and take the the whole world for themselves. The royals of the light side though are not ones to get them self down and dirty so they don't go to war. So there are rebels against the royals and there are assassins that want to kill them. Other than that the villagers believe that the royals are doing more good than they really are. Even though Alexandria is on the light side, all the royals still have dark secret.

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