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{First and Last}~Character Name
{No Unknowns if a human}~Age
{No large guns, small ones}~Weapons
~Reason of being here
{Must fill out and make it a bit long. No unknown}~Biography
{Give a description}~Personality
{Any kind}~Race
{Look at pages}~Side
{Look at pages}~Position
{Spoiler and Quote. If not I will PM you to change it}~Picture/Description

Go on and a head and make it pretty and not messy. Have as many characters, no perfect lives or bloody ones. Boring ! Don't make a character that you can't roleplay from their personalities. Also put all characters in ONE post together. Got it, get it, good! Buh bye ~
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Scar Lim

15 but real age is unknown


Lower Ranks are puppets from helpless people and have different colors to represent what they are used for. Yellow is electricity, Brown for Earth, White for Aira, Blue for Water, and Red for Fire.

Higher Ranks are humans who were allowed to keep their souls. The only thing they don't control is their fighting skills, their minds, speaking, and emotions aren't controlled and aren't moderter by Scar.
Dynamic Duo{Kai and Kye / Girl and Boy} These two are twin puppets that are humans. They were the last to be choosen to be a Higher Rank for Scar. They are used to perform illusions. On their hands are the Twin sign.
Snowy{Male} A puppet that was a Vampire who could control the snow. He stop caring on life after losing his lover. He is used to slow someone down. On his cheek is a snowflake sign.
Tang{Female} A puppet that was part of Semi but was killed and turned into a puppet. She never did like Scar really but she soon did after Scar gave her life back to her. She is used to protect with a giant book that she has. On her forehead is a star.
Lo{Female} A puppet who looks like a small boy and was killed after trying to protect her mother. She is used for hand to hand combat and close range. On her neck is a fist.
Li{Male} A puppet that was Scar's old lover. Scar never did love him but he loved her. He even allowed her to turn him into a puppet. This was her first Higher Rank puppet ever. He is used for fighting, teleportation, and protecting Scar. He's really weak though if someone cuts him near the heart sign on his chest.


Scar is a young Witch puppet master. She learned how to control puppets she found a way to make string out of bark. It was impressive. Her parents were proud of her. But it disappeared when they yelled at her, Scar can't even remember why. She used them as puppets to kill each other for her fun. After that she lost it. She almost came back to normal when she was 12 and she met Li was 16. Li fell in love with her but she didn't love him. Actually she was but she didn't understand the feeling of it all. She killed him and turned him into her personal puppet. The rest of her life is left to be shown farther on....

Uses wood as her string for Lower Rank puppets. For her Higher Ranks, she put some of her blood in them.

Scar is a like calm and collective person. She is hard to read and doesn't really get snappy. It's rare to see her that way. She can be very confusing and no one would under her.



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