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Kingdom Hearts Collection for the PS3.
Posted 9/20/12 , edited 9/21/12

megadude690 wrote:

guys.....the wait is almost over, but at least it's confirmed now!

I nearly cried in tears of joy when I heard and saw this and kept throwing my money at the screen but nothing happened.....

the only down side to this is that kingdom hearts 3 will be delayed further >.<

At least it gives us something to play the crap out of until they finally release Kingdom Hearts 3. I can't wait for it to come out! The day they do will be a glorious day indeed.....

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Posted 9/23/12 , edited 9/23/12
Truth is square rarely gives us remakes and they have so many TOP gaming series that nomura-san has no time to look back....except for the 1 time they do, they remake FFX...yeah you think square cares about what the fans want?...Hey lets make an HD PS3 test intro re-done in full HD of FFVII(the 1 the fans really want) nothing about it or for it in 6 years then lets anounce a remake of FFX....*dies a little*

Well at least they're re-doing my real favorite series...Lets go Soar!
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Posted 9/24/12 , edited 9/24/12
i doubt it since the ps company is in a little shaken by views and critism
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Posted 11/3/12 , edited 11/3/12
i for one would love this idea
i mean come on they released the dream drop distance and i was expecting KH3 for ps3
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Posted 11/7/12 , edited 11/8/12
Still waiting for that KH Game on Ps3!
( I know, Ill keep dreaming)
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Posted 5/1/13 , edited 5/1/13
Spring forum cleaning! Since it's a new month I'm closing all the old threads in room for the new ones. We close old threads from 6 months past with no activity. Please recreate if you wish to do so!
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