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Posted 8/22/12 , edited 8/22/12
GFX Request!

To request your avatar or whatever, is completely free!! *Yay* Tehe. You don't have to upload 5 photos, invite buddies or....Pay..Lololz. Just fill out the form and respect our rules!

Rules ::

Don't steal
Don't take as your own
Don't redistribute
Don't cut / rip
Don't re-edit them in anyway
Respect our copyrights!!!!

Username ::
Name ::
What are you requesting :: [[ Avatar, banner, typography, texture ]]
The image :: [[ In spoiler ]] (If you want more than one image your banner, avii, ect. Please say so)
The text ::
Extra :: Colour, girly, grunge, flowers, ect...

If you request a texture, then please say in a little more detail what you want on it. E.G. Colours, collage, flowers, hearts, frames, ect...If you want something like the examples below, please sayyyyyy

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