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Posted 8/22/12 , edited 8/22/12

Hello and welcome to our first ever contest!!!!!

This contest is a texture based contest, all you have to do is design your own texture!

It can be any type of texture (Collage, grunge, floral, ect...)
Has to be 400 h x 700 w
Must have your copyright on [[ Size - 10px / 12px ]]
Must be your own design
Must be your own work
Don't use other textures and put them together!
You have to credit the owners of stocks used on your contest form
Contest ends :: 20 / 09 / 12
Good luck!
Oh, and of course. There will be a prize for the winner!!!! xD

Form ::

Username ::
Name ::
How long did it take you ::
Your texture ::
Credit the owners of the stocks you used ::
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