Rules are a must!
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Posted 8/22/12 , edited 8/22/12
Activeness is a Must.
It is always better to Quote someone if you want faster replies.
Get permission before making a new character
You are able to Rp In any forums at once even if your character is in another forum. Multiple forums are allowed.
No Rude Language (Swearing must be kept it to a minimum)
No Inappropriate Images
Please Do Not answer in One or Two lines sentence. Make it at least Three sentences Each Post
You Cannot Kill any Characters without Owner's Consent
You must be approved by Creator or Moderator First before Rping
Comments personally said to other members must be put in Brackets or some other type of Form so it would not be confused with the Actually Dialogue of the Characters
Respect Others
Keep it Muture (No sex or anything like that)
Make sure the Forums and Posts are Neat and Organized, Readable
Each Character can only have 2 Ability.
There can only be a Maximum of 3-4 Weapons for each character.
You can put your Image in a Spoiler if you want too but if you don't want to it is alright
I'll either Quote or Pm you for Acceptance.
Write "Final Fantasy IX" In your Character From If you read the Rules
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