Greek Songs-Greek Music
Posted 8/25/12 , edited 8/25/12
Hi i am Akis!I am from Greece and i would like all the people in the world to listen to music (i want that because i think music is LIFE!)
I know the most of you probably dont care...but i am ok with that,people who really love music will be interested i think
Well let me answer some usual questions

Why i made this group?
I made this group because i think knowledge is power,Hearing songs is great even if this music is from an other country at least to me because i love music,through music you can learn : The language,the Greek music style,me (if you are interested) and many many more!

Why should i join?
Join because i am posting songs often from youtube so the fans can hear,rate,share their thoughts etc,i am also doing free translation of the lyrics if you want to help you catch the point of the song,join because music is conecting people (like nokia-hahah a little joke to break the ice- )

I dont know what else to say xD i hope many people read this and join my group

Join :D

Love you all :]

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