{Contest #1} Free Dorm Room!
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Posted 8/28/12 , edited 8/28/12
Hello there everybody! I've decided to put out a contest.Since there are no longer any empty dorms,which lengthens the character creation process,the winner of this contest will get an empty dorm room,just for them! As a special bonus,this room can hold as little as one person or as many as 3.Are you ready?Then let the competition start!

Anyways,this is what you have to do!

- Make a new avii for the group! But,it has to be themed of: (1)an anime on CR (2)an anime from this season

You have 3 days.Good luck~

1st prize - an empty dorm room that can hold 1,2,or 3 people

+You can compete if you already have a dorm room
+Entry must be in spoiler or doesnt count
+One entry per person.More than one and all dont count

START: 8/28
END: 8/31
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