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I am still new on what or who is in charge of the Library edits. I recently did some updating and submissions for a series called "Red Photon Zillion" (, which is horribly butchered in its current 'information'.

I worked on updating several of the mistakes and errors and submitted them only to find out my submissions were rejected and I'm curious as to why it was rejected, considering I used Wikipedia itself to properly update a lot of the errors in the show.

Example #1: In the shows description it says 31 episodes, but yet the listing itself says 7. In addition, the Main Cast is entirely wrong. The second paragraph in Overview points this out very clearly.

Example #2: If you compare the circled areas in the picture below with the information in the directory for the show (, you'll see the description is nearly the same but the "cast" selection shows characters that are not even listed in the actual cast.

Edit: After digging further, apparently someone has combined the anime series "Photon" ( with "Red Photon Zillion" (, which are two entirely different anime shows.

What did I do wrong in the update or did I not follow a proper procedure or something?

Please let me update Red Photon Zillion.

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LynnTerra wrote:

What did I do wrong in the update or did I not follow a proper procedure or something?

Please let me update Red Photon Zillion.

^ Pm one of the Library moderators. I think AHTL will give you the fastest reply.
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Hi LynnTerra,

I want to first say thanks for your library submissions. Hopefully I can answer all your questions! There are currently 5 library moderators that currently that approve/disapprove library edits on CR; we are all listed on the Community Staff page. So, as for Red Photon Zillion episode change... I went to check the page and it was already updated... so that was already approved and you can see the change on page already! Sometimes it takes a few minutes for it to be reflected on the actual page. As for the characters many of the pages on CR are missing complete lists of characters. I think this is due to some series has too many characters like Dragon ball Z has tons of characters. Or, another reason of lack of completeness on a character list is the lack of interest in putting all the minor characters on a page; it takes a lot of time making pages. Also CR sometimes doesn’t automatically correctly link the right person or character so one would have to create another character page, or find the correct character. For example, there are many Akira characters with just the name Akira [In CR’s cast there are currently 762 pages with the name Akira in its title]. Also, when changing characters try to not delete all of the existing characters on a page. If you were attempting to delete all the characters in mass quantities and redoing all of them most likely you will be rejected if we find that many of the things you are deleting and changing/ adding are the same thing. Also, thanks for noticing series meshing together. This happens frequently because there are tons of pages being created and not locating a already existing page. Well I hope I answered all of your concerns.

If you have any more questions please go over the guidelines:

And if you still have any more questions feel free to contact me or any of the other library moderators! Thanks again for your concern over the CR library.

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