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Posted 8/30/12 , edited 8/30/12

Welcome to MOD Hiring!

To get accepted here's some rules
-Be a member of the group
1. Follow Directions
2. Complete the form
3. Invite your buddies to like the group
4. Be active
5. Please be patient and wait until 25 members has come to our group
6. I will accept at least 6 MODS
7. Add the creator
8. Follow these Rules!

Here's the form:

% of Activeness:
Have you add the creator?:
Did you invite your friends?:
Have you read the rules (pages)?:
How many friends did you invite and joined?:
Name them
What do you know about Oppa Gangnam Style?:
Where did you learn Oppa Gangnam Style?:
Be active ok?:

Give a JPG/GIF/Fan art of Oppa Gangnam Style:
[Photo in spoiler]


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