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1. Do crack, parody, abridges, memes about animes.

2. If you are sharing with us a funny image that is not edited by you, ask permission from the owner to upload it here.

3. You can share crack, parody or abridged videos with a link.

4. Comments are allowed !

5. Don't forget to write the anime on which the said crack belong to. (including the characters) .

6.Don't forget to laugh about silly crack with us.


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There a video I made myself about Heart no Kuni no Alice,I also have an acount in youtube !;3


I hope you enjoy it! It's my first time making voice in audacity ,so don't complain so harshly !

1-Clover by Meg lock
2- Truth by Toriumi Kousuke

Voices released by ( I used Audacity ) :
Ace & Alice = AnimePleaseGood

Manga: Heart No Kuni No Alice

It's Vol.1- Ch.2-P.11(original)
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