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The Devil's Rejects
Posted 2/20/13 , edited 2/21/13
Hoshi blinked. "Eh?! What're we going today until then?" Hoshi yelled in annoyance. "I guess we'll have to entertain ourselves," Shauna said, and drove away on the bike, speeding as fast she can. She pulled on the handles to do a trick. She slid the motorcycle off the ground. "Sha-sha-sha-sha-Shaaaunaaaaa! Onii-chan! Slow down!" Hoshi shrieked, hugging Shauna around her waist. Shauna slowed to normal speed. "I thought it be fun," Shauna said, chuckling. Hoshi looked up, and pulled her eyebrows together. "Fun? Fun!?" Hoshi had a crazed look into her eye, but sighed in defeat. "P-Please don't ever do that again..." Hoshi muttered. "What? I can't hear you!" Shauna yelled over the loud motorcycle engine. She grinned and began to speed again, Hoshi wailing and clinging onto Shauna for dear life.

(Will be in Ikebukuro.~)
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-hours pass as i finally make my way to the store and looks around waiting-where the hell are they?-shrugs and puts my headphones on listening to music and waits for you too-(btw i think the word your looking for is Onee-chan or Nee-chan.Onii-chan is older brother just thought you should know)
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(ohhhh! I thought it applied for both siblings. mah bad. And pronounced the same way. I forgot "e" in Japanese is pronounced "eh." )

Shauna pulled up to the store, and hopped off the motorcycle, taking off the helmet. Hoshi jumped off, still a little off balanced. "We almost died." Hoshi grunted. Shauna chuckled. "You almost died. I thought you were going to have a heart attack." Shauna rubbed the top of Hoshi's head, messing her hair up. Hoshi swatted Shauna's hand away, walking around her and stopped near Akira. "Well, we're here." Hoshi grinned. Shauna folded her arms across her chest, awaiting the next steps.
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