Fix for Chrome flash fullscreen lagging/studdering
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Posted 9/2/12 , edited 9/2/12
Recently I've been having some intense lag when viewing videos in fullscreen especially crunchyroll videos (after about 2-3minutes of watching) where the sound would play normally but the video lags (like 1 frame per second) and searched around and found a great fix. This fixed every single problem I've had with flash for the past month or so:
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Posted 9/2/12 , edited 9/3/12


Not sure why Google's built in Flash Player causes so many problems, but it does!

Thanks for sharing the link!!
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Posted 9/3/12 , edited 9/4/12
I had OpenDNS for my DNS and I was getting a lot of lag, I did a trace and it went to 9 different servers before it got to Akamai, from the Houston Comcast server. I read up that Akamai and OpenDNS don't work very well together especially Apple Itunes. I changed my DNS to automatic on my router and my computer, now it has absolutely no lag whatsoever on 720p and 1080p, plus my Itunes works perfectly it's not slow anymore, I did a trace on Comcast's dns and it took I think 5-7 servers to get to Akamai. That's my experience on that, I got OpenDNS because it worked best for Limelight now I don't need it any more.
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