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Posted 10/7/12 , edited 10/8/12

please quote me so that i would know that u've posted ~

"Very well then," Elize clapped her hands together.
"I apologize for the little interruption earlier." She said
as she looked over to the vampire student and smiled
lightly. "I do not wish for fights to happen within my
class, please treat eachother nicely, mmkay?" Elize
then changed her gaze over at Katsuo and Yuki,
keeping her smile up to both of them. "Alright."
Elize exhaled deeply and changed her direction,
now facing the white board, she picked up a marker
and began the lesson of the day.

-tic, tok, tic-

When the period is over,
Elize glanced at the clock to ensure the time and
turned over, once again, at her students. "Please
stay behind after class if you need my assistance.
Otherwise, the class is dismissed... Remember
everyone, do not use magic unless it is absolutely
necessary, there are consequences for everything!"

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