episode order?

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Posted 9/3/12 , edited 9/4/12
can anyone tell me what epsiode order i should watch for this all to be a continous plot that makes since? im confused.
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Posted 9/29/12 , edited 9/30/12
Though not from an official source, my interpretation is the following order:


Why, I have no idea at all.........but now it is time to watch them in that order and find out.....
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Posted 11/3/12 , edited 12/1/12
I usually don't post to message boards, but this topic isn't getting enough attention for one of my favorite shows.

When I tried to make a timeline for myself it was identical to RoyalRaider's. However I may have found a timeline anomaly, or animation error.

Vague Spoilers...

I'm re-watching the series now. I'll post again if I see anything else timeline relevant.
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