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What Anime Do You Own?
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Posted 9/6/12 , edited 9/6/12

Shrapnel893 wrote:

Sharb8 wrote:

Stargazer87 wrote:

I've been working on collecting anime series for a couple years now, and I've amassed a fairly decent collection, at least in my humble opinion. Generally I try to buy older sets rather than brand new ones. I really love the hand drawn animation styles of the 90s and before, and a number of them are either going or have gone out of print these days. Some of the titles I have are getting to be pretty rare anymore. Obviously my collection is missing some big titles, but I'm working on getting it to be as well rounded as possible. You can check it out here:

(If you browse RightStuf, you'll recognize a lot of bargain anime titles they've had over the years!)

What exactly is Hybrid ??? I was going to buy an anime series the other day and for the format it said, hybrid.

Hybrid is when a product [DVD/Blu Ray release] has multiple languages presented on one disk, ie if a show is dubbed in English while still having the original Japanese audio on the disk then it is considered a hybrid. A non hybrid example is AnoHana: The Flower We Say That Day, (licensed and distributed by NIS America) which has the words [SUB] next to it's name not [HYB] meaning it's sub only, no dub available on that product.

thank you so much! In that case I will go find those other series I wanted to buy haha
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Posted 9/6/12 , edited 9/6/12
There is a thread similar. Which is still active.
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Dragonball Z (S6 an S9)
Knight Hunters
Chrono Crusade
School Rumble (S1&2)
Tenchi Ryo-Ohki
Tench GXP
Tenchi Tokyo
Tenchi Movies 1,2,3
Afro Samurai
Kaze No Stigma
Wolfs Rain
Witch Hunter Robin
Black Blood Brothers
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
Spice and Wolf (S1, S2)
Code Geass
Fullmetal Panic!
Gundam SEED Destiny
Gun Parade March
Get Backers
The Gokusen
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Sharb8 wrote:

Just wondering what everyone here has.

So far I only have 4 series. I'm also going to be buying
Fate / Stay Night
Broken Blade
Tales of Vesperia
Towa no Quon
Only one I started watching from the list above is Fate / Stay Night. The other 3 I'm going to buy just because. lol

What anime series you think is worth owning? I have watched lots of them, you can view my complete list here

Samurai 7
Samurai Champloo
Trinity Blood
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Duplicate thread
Your anime collection

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