Posted 9/5/12 , edited 9/16/12
1.No having a power house, like, that is invulnerable to everything, or powers that make him/her that will make them impossible to defeat.

2.You can only have 3 powers

3.You can have 3 characters, you can have pets, they don't count as characters themselves, unless you want them too

4.Can only be in one place at one time, unless the other person you are RPing with hasn't been on in a long time

5.Tell me or a Moderator if your going to be away for awhile, and also tell the person you are RPing with

6.If you want to have a dorm room at school then leave the dorm room blank if and I'll give you a room when I come back on, if you don't then type "none","no dorm", or something like that in the dorm room entry

7.Be active

8. Wait till you are approved till you RP, please, it's a hassle dealing with that

9.Type "F&R" at the end of your characters' profile to show you have read he rules, if you don't have this then you won't be approved, and if you forget than go back and edit your post, don't waste more space by posting again

10.If you make more than on character than post it on the same post or edit it later

11.No having two characters together making them near impossible to defeat or anything like that

12.No killing other characters or pets of character with out the person's permission, and if they do get killed you can take it off your post and make a new character if you want

13.tell me if you make a new character, by PM, GB, or just leaving a message on this groups GB

14. Have fun, duh, what's the point of joining if you aren't having fun?

15.Anything, worse than PG-13, put it in a spoiler

16.I will make, updates on rules and such if necessary but most of you know what to do, so don't make me change/add rules
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