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Posted 9/5/12 , edited 9/21/12
First, pm Roc58 or one of the mods to get started!

Second, Refer to the character creation/registration thread and make a profile

Third, submit any suggestions you have for the thread to a mod

Fourth, Enjoy!

1. No God-Modding.

Don't auto-hit, auto-dodge, auto-anything unless given consent by the other party.

2. Please be respectful

Don't go "Oh, my bounty is higher so I win" If this happens, I, or one of the mods, will God-Mod ourselves and troll you.

3. Stats

Everyone starts with a bounty (if pirate) of 0, threat (if bounty hunter) of 0 and a total of 200 stat points to divide however they like into strength, speed, stamina and accuracy, in other words, we're all pretty average to start off. Stat points are earned by participation in story arc and activity within the arcs. This is up to the discretion of the mods and they will let you know on how much a certain activity is worth. If there are any uncertainties as to the worth of an activity, please ask.

Every player will get 20 pts per week to spend however they like. Once they reach an average of 400, the pts per week will reduce to 10 per week. Once they reach an average of 1000, the pts per week will reduce to 5.

Strength is a measure of the character’s muscular or physical power. Essentially, any melee attack is focused on strength, however, it is important to keep in mind that without some investment in other statistics, your character will find it hard to hit their opponents, or to move in a manner fast enough to not have the attack avoided. This stat also affects the character’s ability to keep a hold of others, lifting strength, grip strength, as well as the force that can be applied to ranged melee attacks. For ranged fighters, an appropriate level of strength will be required to wield more complex, powerful weapons.

20 - Weak. This strength is what you'd expect of a child. People with this usually can't lift more than about 30kg. Melee attacks are very weak and cause little damage.

50 - Average. This is the strength of an average human male.

100 - Strong. A character with this strength level is above average, basically a trained soldier or a manual labourer. Can easily lift up to 100kg, max-capacity becomes around 130kg. Melee attacks cause as much damage as a lightweight boxer or a bar brawler might. People with this strength can break thin planks of wood or sheetrock. They can wield heavy rifles effectively.

300 - Weight-lifter. This is the range where characters start becoming super-human. Lifting 200kg becomes an easy task, and melee attacks are comparable to pistons. They can pierce through thin stone surfaces or wooden beams.

500 - Superhuman. Characters with these strengths are well beyond the normal level exhibited by most humans. They can bend thick pieces of metal, and their melee attacks do as much damage as rifles. They can easily break through thick stone walls, entire trees, or sheet metal up to an inch thick. Powerful weaponry with heavy recoil rarely deters their aim.

750 - Intense. A true representation of sheer strength, characters can rival the strength of a Sea King. They can mold metal with their bare hands, and can snap trees like twigs. Their melee strikes can be compared to cannons, capable of smashing their way through large boulders with ease. It takes several inches of steel to tame their strength.

1000 - Monstrous. This is the range of strength normally only capable of being achieved by giants. Shaping metal becomes a task of ease, whilst forests can be leveled with a few strikes. Their melee attacks at full force are instantly deadly to normal people, and hit with many times the force of a cannon. They can break though several meters of stone or a half a meter of solid steel. Weapons that shake the foundations of a building do not affect the accuracy of their shots.

1250 - Titanic. The kind of strength often reserved for tales of legends, mere flexes can send out minor tremors. It is rumored that they can create complex metal pieces with their fingers alone. Their strikes can demolish entire buildings without effort, whilst they can pierce a meter of steel with just their knuckles.

1500 - Godlike strength. The mountains tremble and the sea parts when these people attack. Stone and wood is no barrier to them, and it takes a meter of reinforced metal to stop them. The force of their melee attacks will disintegrate most normal people and objects.

Speed is a measure of how quickly a character can move, both as a whole, or in specific actions. It is also the main determinant of jumping abilities, or any other movements. It can also affect evasive abilities, but keep in mind, without the ability to perceive incoming attacks, a massive speed stat is useless for the purposes of evasion.

20 - Slow. Characters in this range are usually overweight, injured, or have short legs. Their movements are sluggish and predictable.

50 - Average. This is the normal speed and agility for a typical human male. Their movements are easily seen and not difficult to predict.

100 - Fast. This is the equivalent of an athletic runner. They can move swiftly and fairly gracefully, giving them an easier time dodging conventional attacks. They can sustain running speeds of about 30km/h.

300 - Track Runner. This is champion material among normal humans. Their movements are very quick, hard for normal people to follow accurately. They can dodge attacks at normal speeds without too much difficulty. When running, their max sustained running speed is 75km/h.

500 - Cat-like. This individual's speed is high even among non-human land mammals, and surpasses all normal human standards. At this level of speed their movements are almost impossible for normal humans to track, and they appear to blur when they move at full speed. Dodging normal attacks is child's play.

750 - Living-Blur. Only the fastest beasts can usually attain these speeds, a remarkable feat by any human standard. Their normal actions appear as constant blurs and are hard to perceive with the average set of eyes. They can effectively evade quick blows by normal standards with little effort.

1000 - Unreal. Individuals with this stat have speed beyond the normal limits of living beings. Their actions are almost imperceptible by normal standards, with short-range movement almost invisible to the naked human eye. They can basically dodge anything they are aware of that's moving at subsonic speeds.

1250 - Flicker. Blink and they'll have vanished from sight; beings with this level of speed tend to flicker in and out of reality when moving at speed making their movements nearly impossible to follow. Rapid movements with their limbs can give the impression of multiple limbs at times whilst very few blows can be landed on them if spotted.

1500 - Ludicrous. Any living beings with this speed basically move outside of normal time. Their physical bodies can achieve barely sub-sonic speed, and they are completely invisible while moving short distances, distinct "booms" as they displace the air around them with their movements. They can dodge almost anything they can perceive.

Stamina is a measure of how sturdy a character is. It is a measure of their innate durability, ignoring things like armor. It also deals with their resistance to toxins and disease, and a person’s endurance for strenuous activities, towards temperature extremes, and also measures their overall vitality. Characters with high stamina will be able to survive with serious wounds for much longer than those without it.

20 - Frail. People of this level are classed as generally unhealthy; they have a tendency to catch illnesses with relative frequency and suffer dire effects from even mild toxins. They tend to have trouble holding their breath for more than a handful of seconds or running for more than a minute. In terms of physical resistance, a single punch from an average strength opponent would most likely knock them flat. May perform at full strength for a few minutes, after which they are exhausted.

50 - Average. They can take a few punches before succumbing to unconsciousness, and have little resistance to illness or poison. They have a mild tolerance for hot or cold weather, can jog for long stretches, and can run for a few minutes before tiring. They may hold their breath for about thirty seconds, and may perform at full strength for about 10 minutes before growing very tired.

100 - Athlete. This stamina level indicates a normal person at the peak of their physical health. Those in this range succumb to illnesses only occasionally, and can take a bit more of a beating before going out for the count than the average person could. Bruises and cuts will heal a bit more quickly than normal. They can stand very hot or freezing weather for some period of time, and rarely get sick from normal illnesses. Toxins work through their system quickly, and they have an easy time developing resistance upon repeated exposure. They can run for over an hour without tiring, and can hold their breath for just over a minute. They may perform at peak strength for about 30 minutes before growing fatigued.

300 - Superhuman. Wounds which would incapacitate a normal person are simply taken as heavy blows, and they heal almost twice as fast as normal. They may continue to function with open wounds for prolonged periods of time. They can jog with the ease a normal person would walk at, and can run for huge periods of time. Weak toxins and mild illnesses have no noticeable effect on the body, while stronger ones run through their duration more quickly. Individuals with this stamina can take dozens of normal blows before being rendered unconscious. Hot and cold within normal climactic bounds have no bearing on these individuals. They may hold their breath for roughly five minutes, and may perform at full strength for close to 2 hours before growing weary.

500 - Beast-like. Attacks which would bring even strong men to their knees become easily bearable to these individuals, who can also run for hours without breaking a sweat. They never grow ill naturally, only becoming sick when exposed to rare and deadly diseases. Wounds, even serious ones, heal at alarming speeds. They develop tolerance for toxins at alarming rates, and are affected by only the most powerful of poisons. They can hold their breath for over ten minutes, and perform at full strength for hours on end. Heats well above boiling and colds well below freezing do not affect these individuals.

750 - Machine-like. Several blows can be shrugged off, whilst only multiple powerful blows will be acknowledged by these people. An unhygienic lifestyle or poor diet will cause little harm to their health, able to shake off deadly diseases and fierce poisons in a day or less. Food and drink are only weekly requirements, their bodies able to go with little rest and function at peak for over half a day. Temperature and natural conditions tend to only affect these people if at extreme levels.

1000 - Unnatural. No number of ordinary attacks can harm this person; they cannot even feel any but the mightiest blows. Hot and cold, within the limits that do not physically destroy the matter of which the individuals are made, have no effect on their well-being. Most poisons and disease have no noticeable effects; only the deadliest of either will make an impact. Such individuals may run indefinitely, and perform at full strength for days on end without tiring greatly. They require almost no sleep, can hold their breath for nearly an hour, and any non-fatal wounds tend to close in less than 24 hours.

1250 - Impervious. It takes several deadly blows to bring down these monsters, who are capable of ignoring almost anything with their extreme recovery rate. They can go without sleep for weeks and function at their full potential the entire time they are awake. It takes the deadliest of diseases or poisons to affect them, though they can often shake off the effects in half a day.

1500 - Impregnable. Almost no poison or illness in the entire world can faze them. They do not need sleep and regenerate wounds almost as fast as they receive them. The only form of harm these individuals are normally subject too, aside from forces of nature, are old age, starvation, dehydration, and suffocation.

Accuracy is a measure of a person’s perceptive ability. It primarily affects aim and reflexes, and also allows the character to follow movements more easily, and react to things around them, although a reasonable level of speed would still be required to physically react. It is invaluable to ranged fighters, as an impressive perceptive ability allows them to hit harder, and requires less physical strength for their attacks. Melee fighters also need an appropriate level of this to actually hit their targets.

20 - Clumsy. This is the stat level most children and white-collar workers would fall into. They have a difficult time performing any task that requires coordination and lose track of all but the slowest objects.

50 - Average. At this level basic tasks can be performed. They can see and catch objects moving at 50km per hour or less without difficulty, and can easily land a punch or simple weapon stroke on stationary objects.

100 - Exceptional. Most game hunters are at this level. Hitting targets with ranged weapons at a distance of up to 30m is fairly simple, and melee strikes against moving targets are not very difficult. Quick moving objects are easy to track, and attacks become easier to react to in time.

300 - Eagle-eye. This is the level of professional marksmen. Your eyes have become trained to track and follow even very quickly moving objects or persons. Ranged attacks are accurate up to about 50m, and incoming attacks of regular speed are easy to predict.

500 - Sniper. At this level the character has a very high awareness of the world around them, including how things move and react. In addition, they possess extraordinary reflexes and coordination. Hitting ranged targets up to 100m away is very easy, and normal people appear to move in slow motion around them. Melee attacks will almost never miss targets who are the same speed or slower than the target.

750 - Precise. It is a rarity for these characters to miss their targets at a range below 175m away. They perceive actions close to them with little effort and can react appropriately with their acute understanding of the world. They are even able to predict the actions of people who can move faster than them and react to the best of their abilities.

1000 - Mechanical. The character with this statistic has achieved pin-point accuracy. Within 250m, ranged attacks are almost guaranteed to land. Incoming attacks look as if they're suspended in time, and the character will notice even very subtle or distant actions taken against them. An understanding of the movement of all things allows them to predict trajectories of almost anything they can see.

1250 - Perfectionist. A target at the distance of 350m is a certain hit, providing their weapon is capable of flying such a distance. Being aware of every action in their close proximity is natural for these characters. Movements at subsonic speeds can easily be kept track of, whilst supersonic actions can be perceived as mere blurs.

1500 - Infallible. A character with this accuracy is always aware of everything happening around him and can react to things happening at supersonic speeds. They can hit anything with a ranged weapon that they are familiar with as long as the weapon is powerful enough to reach what they're aiming at. They have complete control over every last nerve in their body and every motion they make is precise down to the micron.

Non-Player Characters

People like figures in the past era, marine admirals and vice admirals and such need to be approved before they can appear unless the storyline grants them face time like when the Marine Admirals hold a meeting at Marineford. In cases like this, we will open them up to people that would like to play as them.

Devil Fruit

Devil fruit from the past era can appear in the game. However, only one fruit per person so we won't have everyone using Gura-Gura no Mi or Gomu-Gomu no Mi. Once they are taken, its gone. Be creatvie

One more note on devil fruits, if you're taking one from the past, the person who used to have it cannot have a bounty higher than 15,000,000, as people with bounties higher than that are usually rather powerful.

All non-canon devil fruits needs prior approval before it can be used.


At this point, no haki can be used on human players. Past characters that possessed haki (marine vice admiral and above, Shichibukai, Yonko, Luffy and so on) will retain their haki.

I'm opening up the learning of haki. Each human player can choose one of either Kenbunshoku or Busoshoku haki to learn. Haoshoku haki cannot be even accidentally utilized until the player's stats average is at least 700.


Feel free to team up and form crew as we are in the early stages of this RP. Due to the initial scarcity of players here, were all lone wolves so to speak.

If a crew is formed, please notify one of the mods and make changes to your profiles so we all know!


Feel free to be any profession you like as long as its acceptable within the scope of One Piece. But please, limit it to two at most.

Skill-wise, if you are human, you cannot use fishman karate. Other than things like that, its pretty much open for discussion. Also, please start with 3.

Abilities, they must be within your power in order for you to perform them. One with a strength stat of 50 cannot slice/punch through a boulder. Other than things like that, its pretty much open for discussion.


As complete rookies, getting to the Grand Line will be impossible. We can't even cross Reverse Mountain yet as we don't have Navigators. Even if you're a navigator, you're skills aren't quite there just yet. All will be open in time.


For pirates, your bounty increase only during arcs. The increments are as follows. For every 5 marines killed (Not including human players) a 5,000 bounty is issued or for every 2 bounty hunter killed a 100,000 bounty will be issued. Please keep it reasonable. Single-handedly killing over 50 marines during any acts within an arc is not possible or single-handedly killing more than 4 bounty hunters during any act within an arc is not possible. The logistics of this is as follows. During a battle, please keep track which page did it start on and which page it ends on. Pm it to a mod, and the mod will review and tally up the count and issues the corresponding bounty. Any discrepancies can only be brought up at that time. Once its agreed and finalized, that battle is officially over. It no longer counts.

For Marines, your commendations increase only during arcs. The increments are as follows. For every 100 pirates captured (not including human players), one additional rank is given. The large difference between the number of captures for an increase for marines and the numbers of kills for a raise in bounty for pirates can be explained as such. In the marines, there is only so many ranks one can gain before they top out while there is no limit to what a pirate's bounty can become. Please keep the count reasonable. Single-handedly arresting or killing over 10 pirates during any act within an arc is not reasonable. The logistics of this is as follows. During a battle, please keep track which page did it start on and which page it ends on. Pm it to a mod, and the mod will review and tally up the count and issues the corresponding commendation. Any discrepancies can only be brought up at that time. Once its agreed and finalized, that battle is officially over. It no longer counts.

For Bounty Hunters, your threats increase only during arcs. The increments are as follows. For every 5 bounties claimed, one more threat is issued. Please keep it reasonable. Single-handedly claiming more than 10 bounties during any acts within an arc is not reasonable. The reason is as such. Excluding the human players, there won't be very many pirates with bounties on their head thus making them quite rare. Claiming an excessive amount of fictitious bounties will lead to excessive threat count which in turn with capture the human player's attention and have them focus on ridding that specific character. The logistics of this is as follows. During a battle, please keep track which page did it start on and which page it ends on. Pm it to a mod, and the mod will review and tally up the count and issues the corresponding threats. Any discrepancies can only be brought up at that time. Once its agreed and finalized, that battle is officially over. It no longer counts.
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