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Posted 9/5/12 , edited 9/6/12
Her you can create your character

User name:
Faction: Holy empire/Voldaren dominion
Race: Holy empire: human/elf/demi-elf/demi-vampire/holy being(you had and angel in your bloodline giving you a stronger power again evil(your don't have holy power))/dwarf/hobbit/lizard man.
Voldaren dominion
: Vampire/half vampire/drow(dark-elf)/teifling (a human who got demon blood, you got a tale and horn)/orc
Class: be creative i don'T care
Rank: only for vampire and human
clan: only for vampire and human
Bio:For all vampire player read plz (in this wolrd vampire cannot go out in the sun exept if they cover there entire body. THey are weak to holy singh only if a priest or a strong beliver hold them. Royal and noble vampire have wing. Also vampire cannot have vampire children only half vampire so if you choose to be one in your bio tell me who you got turn into a vampire.
Character info: what you like how you are etc.
Power or talents: (Ill be realy hard on this one you can have or be what you want jsut remember 2 thing its in a medieval world so gun does not exist nore any thec weapon 2 no god rp plz i will nerf or refuse character that i personaly found to op ex: i can kill anyone that star at me or my sword skill are so strong i can cut a mountain in half )
pic: in spoiler plz.
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29 / M / Univers, milky wa...
Posted 9/5/12 , edited 9/6/12
User name:demonlord14
Name:Alexander Voldaren
Age: look like a 22 real 150
Faction: Voldaren dominion
Race: Vampire
Class: unholy knight
Rank: first heir and prince of the voldaren clan
clan: Voldaren clan
Bio:He was first a young captain in the holy empire army. Talented and well know in the king court some noble saw him as a futur ennemy since he and the prince where friend. The council decide to dispose of him by sending him and his men into the vampire territory to reccon there main city. Well knowing it was a succide mission he still accepted this duty. Leading a small troop of 100 man he martch for the voldaren capital Ravnika. The result was to be expected they where all slaugther in an anbush but him. He was bring into the city and torture.During all those days of pain and isolation he grew an attres for the holy empire who send him and his men to there death. After month of captivity the voldaren king/queen came to him proposing him a deal if he would become his son he/she would ofer him is vangeance. He accepted and the voldaren king//queen feast on him leaving him half dead and giving him some of his blood. He became the heir and first son of the voldaren dominion. when he came back to life he could not restrain himself from laughing, THe same noble who send him to his deaath because they fear in growing power inside the royal court had made him a true ennemy of the holy empire. after years of fighting he eran the title of the unholy knight when he killed in battle the leader of the holy knight.

Character info: Alexander is cold and rational. he does not like anyone who prefer individual profit to the well being of the voldaren empire.
He exel at defensive strategy and is a born leader. Even if he is cold he his still sympathique. He does not share the idea of the other vampire that say the every race are inferior to tem. For him if you have the power to make a difrent no matter what race you are or what social class you are superior to other.

Power or talents: As all the voldaren Alexandre have a mental controle over other vampire but he dislike using also as a noble vampire he got giant bat wing on his back. Like all other vampire he hsi fast strong, he can trun into smoke and have all there weakness. He wield and dark claymore that he enchated whit is blood magic. Alexander can drain the blood of all creature, including him, around and form various weapond or just to heal himself. Still young if he want to drain the blood of some on else he must stay at the same spot and e cannot move. He use is own blood to make his sword stonger.
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