At What Price?
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Posted 9/8/12 , edited 9/10/12
You are a teenager and your parents are average citizens that are always honest and are hard-working employees. You and your sibling have always been raised in a good home; however, one night, a knock comes at your door. Your parents groggily get up and open the door. No one is there but a basket and a note.

This is your curse.

Startled, they carefully remove the blanket covering the basket and it reveals a baby girl. They are confused but they take the child into their house anyway, thinking about calling the orphanage in the morning. When they wake the next morning, they go to check on the baby and it is hungry. Before calling them, they go to their store of choice and buy milk. They feed the baby, but as they start to feed the baby and you on occasion, you all grow fond of her. You all cannot think about dropping her off to the orphanage so the household decides to adopt her.
After fifteen years of raising the child through good and bad, you are a proud older sibling of the girl. However, one night, people show up at your house and threaten to burn it down unless you bring the child out. You refuse and they burn. Your parents do not make it, as they fend off the people. You, your sibling and the girl all narrowly escape and are on the run. During the time together, you discover that the child is meant to destroy the world when she turns 16.

What should you do?
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