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Posted 9/11/12 , edited 9/11/12
Im not a guy how enjoy putting rule over common detail.
so exept for the race rules you gotta follow these

1: Have fun
2: no god modding if you rp, that the only rule im realy gonna make people follow
i don't like people who when the fought ovepower skill to beat every one i don't mind if you use you power but if you had somthing new that save your ass in a fight for exemple plz plz plz make it plosible like if you where leading troop and some other player said the got you in an ambush don't said that you had other troop waiting behinde them because you knew he was there in the second post..... No be more like
"After the star of the ambush i raly as mutch man as i can to breack threw the line and run toward my old position where the reast of my man where waiting

3: I will allow sex rp but plz when you do it put everithing into a spoiler and no hent pic plz.
4: for the good of the rp try to be active.
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